Spring 2016 - 20 new babies born so far & one more doe to kid. Many have great new homes lined up & will be leaving when they are weaned.  In the meantime ~ happy chaos prevails!  We're trying to keep up with posting photos on Facebook but time on the computer is not abundant.

Belly Acres

Goat Milk Lotion & Soap

Our products are made in small batches which allow us maximum attention to quality. Fresh milk, from our own happy goats is the #1 ingredient in our soaps & lotions. With it's natural emollients and gentle capryllic acids, this milk creates the finest soaps & lotion that your skin will ever enjoy!

To shop for our products on line, please visit us again after 7/1/16

Welcome to Belly Acres.  We are a natural and sustainable farm located in the Wet Mountains of Colorado, between the towns of Westcliffe and Canon City.  We run a small goat herdshare program, sell goats, and produce Goat Milk and Vegan skin care products.

Our soaps and lotions are all handcrafted in small batches using our own fresh goat milk and the finest quality oils and butters available. We use organic, fair trade and sustainably harvested ingredients that are good for your skin and produced in a manner that is kind to the earth.

**Please note: As of 5/20/16, ourstore andfragrances pages are temporarily closed.  We have had a very busy kidding season (with little time for production) and some rather large sales which have left us with a depleted  inventory. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have these pages functional again by July 1st, 2016.  We'd love to have this done sooner but the babies have dibs on the milk and the soaps need to cure for 4 weeks. We will be back with some fun new fragrances too.  We'll keep our most popular but as we delve more into essential oil blends, we'll be phasing out some fragrances and adding others.  In the meantime, please check out contacts page for stores & farmers markets where you can find our products.

**We have have new labels too!  We've been contacted by a candle and soap making supply business "Sweet Cakes Soap Inc" .  While their main product is fragrance oils, they do own the trademark to the name Sweet Cakes Soap. Although our "Sweet Cakes" reference is to our Beautiful Goat Lilly, (pictured at the top of this page) this is an easy change for us to make and it helps to avoid possible confusion.  So until we've been able to update everything, please be advised that we are in no way affiliated with the Sweet Cakes Soap & Candle supply business in Minnesota.   


Body Care Products

where the animals come first

Fall 2015~Lucas and his pregnant girlfriend Hannah join the herd.  Lucas is a long eared Mini-Nubian who is assisting Toby with stud muffin services. Hannah is a petite blue eyed Mini-Nubian/Mini-Saanen cross.  This pair had been backyard pets in a military family who couldn't take them when they shipped out in October.  It's been an interesting transition but they are learning to be goats and hold their own in the herd.