Our products are handcrafted in small batches which allow us maximum attention to quality.
* Fresh milk, from our own happy goats is the #1 ingredient in our Soaps & Lotions. With it's natural emollients and gentle capryllic acids, this milk, combined with high quality oils & butters, creates the finest soaps & lotion that your skin will ever enjoy!  Developed for your hands body & face but some of our customers use them for hair care as well.

* Our Vegan Body Butters & Lip Balms, include no milk or other animal/insect derived ingredients.  Pure, high quality oils & butters, provide deep conditioning & restorative moisture. Since there is no "water phase" in either the body butters or lip balms, these products are preservative free.

Our Products can be viewed through the Products links on the navigation bar above.  To purchase our products, please visit the locations listed on our Contact Us page.  You can also contact us directly by phone (719-783-2470) or through the email link provided there.  Because everything is handcrafted, we cannot guarantee that we will always have every size or every item in stock so we have eliminated our automated shopping cart. We are happy to ship however and once we hear from you, we will confirm availability of the products you would like to receive and invoice you for those products plus shipping costs. Please include your shipping address when you make your inquiry so we can provide you with accurate shipping estimates.  We use USPS Regional Rate shipping boxes to insure optimal service, rates, & shipping time.

Our decision to conduct business in this manner was not an easy one.  We do understand that asking our customers to go through these extra steps may cost us some sales. This past few years have reminded us that we got into this business because of the animals and we don't want to get so preoccupied with production & sales that we fail to spend time with them.  Thank you for your on-going support!

Welcome to Belly Acres.  We are a natural and sustainable farm located in the Wet Mountains of Colorado, between the towns of Westcliffe and Canon City.  We run a small goat herdshare program, sell goats, and produce Goat Milk and Vegan skin care products.


Body Care Products


Spring 2018 ~  14 new babies born this year. Hannah & Izzy will each get to keep a daughter but the rest will be sold when they are weaned.  In the meantime ~ happy chaos prevails!  We're trying to keep up with posting photos on Facebook but time on the computer is not abundant.

Belly Acres

Goat Milk Lotion & Soap

Fall 2015~Lucas and his pregnant girlfriend Hannah join the herd.  Lucas is a long eared Mini-Nubian who is assisting Toby with stud muffin services. Hannah is a petite blue eyed Mini-Nubian/Mini-Saanen cross.  This pair had been backyard pets in a military family who couldn't take them when they shipped out in October.  It's been an interesting transition but they are learning to be goats and hold their own in the herd.

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