Because our sense of smell has been clinically proven to impact both our physical & emotional well being, we create our soaps & lotions using high quality essential and fragrance oils. In order to give you the best product possible, we source essential oils from suppliers  who do batch testing to insure that their oils are pure and genuine; and source fragrance oils  from reputable suppliers that specialize in skin care.  

Goat Milk Lotions made with Pure Essential Oils
  • Celebrate ~ Orange Essential Oil and Vanilla Oleorisin create a playful, spirit lifting blend.
  • Clarity ~ Clean fresh Lemon balanced with the soft green of Litsea Cubeba.  These essential oils are said to cleanse mind & body.
  • Lavender ~ Lavender is one of the most widely used aromatherapy oil but is most often noted for relaxation and stress relief.
  • Meditation ~ Cedarwood Atlas, Siberian Fir & Amyris Essential Oils are used to ground the senses, promote peacefulness, deepen breathing, and support the Third Eye & Crown Chakras  ...  close your eyes, breathe deeply, and enjoy some quiet time in the forest.
  • Refresh ~ Energizing Grapefruit & calming Lemongrass Essential oils create a rejuvenating fragrance and a great way to pamper yourself before plunging into a new project.
  • Serenity ~ Rich floral Ylang Ylang and bright cheery Tangerine essential oils are known for calming the spirit, uplifting moods and balancing the sexual/sacral chakra.
  • Sage ~ Often known as the "Sacred Herb",the full herbal scent of Sage Essential oil is known to be both relaxing & uplifting. 

Goat Milk Lotions made with Fragrance Oils 

  • ​Gardenia ~ Gardenia Fragrance Oil creates a rich & floral scent that our customers from the South say is the real deal.
  • Jasmine ~ The delicate and sensuous floral notes of Jasmine without the price of precious jasmine essential oil.

Unscented Lotion No fragrance, just great moisture for your skin.

Seasonal Lotion Fragrances In order to better manage our time there are some lotions that we have decided to make only once each year.  These will be available at our Farmers Markets and year round stores.  Please email or call us for availability if you wish to order these online.

      Bitter Orange and Orchid ~ This fragrance oil has hints of fruit, flowers & spice.  A fresh and energizing combination you will fall in love with.

      We'll  make one large batch in the early Fall.  (The 2016 batch was made in September)

      Almond Cream - A luscious blend of Almond & Vanilla Fragrance oils that we'll make once in the Fall.  (The 2016 batch was made in September) 

      Orange Coconut ~ Orange Essential Oil & Coconut fragrance oil ~ a touch of the tropics. We've been making this one all summer and we're thinking

      that  when it runs out we'll hold off until Spring. 




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Goat Milk Soaps
  • ​Aloe & Glycerin ~ Extra glycerin & freshly harvested aloe vera are added for a bar that is gentle & moisturizing.  Fragrance free.

  • Aloe and Lavender ~ Freshly harvested Aloe Vera and Lavender Essential oil create an extra moisturizing bar with the relaxing herbal scent of lavender. ​

  • Citrus Splash ~ Tangerine, Grapefruit, Orange & Lemongrass Essential Oils give this bar a fresh and invigorating smell.  This bar pairs well with any of our citrus based lotions. 
  • Gardenia ~ Gardenia Fragrance Oil (rich and floral true to it's southern roots).

  • Honeysuckle ~ Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil will remind you of the bush in full bloom.

  • Island Breeze ~ A smooth & gentle bar with essential oils of lemongrass, eucalyptus, citronella & peppermint.  Refreshing and cleansing after a hot summer work day.  Pairs well with any of our citrus based lotions.  (Since these essential oils are all natural bug repellants, this is also a great shampoo bar for dogs :)

  • Jasmine ~ Jasmine Fragrance Oil creates a sweet & sensuous floral experience.

  • Lemon Calendula ~ Local, organically grown Calendula flowers are infused into olive oil for their skin healing properties.  Both the oil and the flowers are then incorporated into the soap with Lemon & Litsea Cubeba Essential oils.  Pair with Clarity or any of our citrus based lotions.

  • Lemongrass ~ Freshly cut lemongrass, combined with Lemongrass essential oil create a gentle exfoliating bar. 
  • Meditation ~ Lightly scented with Cedarwood,  Fir & Amyris Essential Oils which are known for their grounding & balancing effects.  Pair this with our Meditation Lotion
  • Milk & Honey ~ Extra Milk and local Raw Honey make this bar a gentle cleanser and acne fighter.  Fragrance free
  • Mint ~ Finely ground peppermint leaves and peppermint essential oil combine for gentle exfoliation and an invigorating shower. 
  • Oatmeal ~ Finely ground Old Fashioned Oats soaked in extra milk create a nurturing fragrance free bar with gentle exfoliation.
  • ​Oatmeal Spice ~ Finely ground Old Fashioned Oats, extra milk, and added glycerin care for your skin while cinnamon leaf essential oil & ground cinnamon energize your senses. 
  • Orange Cranberry ~ Fresh cranberries are cooked until soft and blended into our soap base to add exfoliation, anti-oxidants and a bit of color, orange essential oil adds an uplifting fresh scent.  Pairs well with any of the citrus lotions as well as Bitter Orange & Orchid.
  • ​Rosemary and Sage ~ Finely chopped organic rosemary leaves, and rosemary & sage essential oils, provide gentle exfoliation with a woodsy herbal scent.
  • Summer Sage ~ The full herbal scent of Sage essential oil is known to sooth & energize. 
  • Vanilla  ~ Made with Vanilla Select for a rich & relaxing scent.

*  We have fun experimenting with new fragrance & essential oils for our soaps & lotions so check back frequently to see what’s new.