Kids for Sale

When kids are available for purchase we will place photos of them on our Facebook Page.  Please contact us directly for more information and sales.

Goat Information

We do not disbud or maintain registration papers on any of our stock. Our goats have gone off to many wonderful new homes where they are now living life as homestead dairy goats, foundation stock for new herds, pets and companions for other animals ~ horses and goats make great buddies.  We do not sell to dealers or those who want our goats for meat. If you can provide a wonderful home and are interested in purchasing a kid or an adult goat, please contact us directly.

Our Goats


  • Nubian
  • Nugerian Dwarfs
  • ​Mini-Nubians

where the animals come first


Our foundation does are Nubian grades who came from the goat dairy in Canon City. Our original herd sire was a Full Nubian from a wonderful farm in Penrose and then we added a Nigerian Dwarf from Colorado City. We have since brought in a 2nd Nigerian Dwarf Buck and a now added a Mini-Nubian Buck.  All of these animals tested clean for Brucellosis, TB, CAE, CL & Johne's and we don't add any new members to the herd without a clean bill of health.